I am always surprised when people don’t know how to do things that I have done for a while, and conversely, I am often surprised when I discover how to do something new, or a new way to do something and everyone else was already familiar with it.  Especially when their approach is better and often so glaringly obvious once it has been shown to me.

I think sewing is one of those things where there are so many ways to do most things and it is often a question of personal preference and style as to which is most appropriate for you to use.  Many sewers are shown how to sew by their mothers or friends, and they will therefore learn the methods that their teacher has used, and this pattern will repeat.  It can be a case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as you don’t need to question how you do something as it works.

I have really been enjoying playing around a bit more recently, trying different methods to achieve different effects or better finishes.  I am still far from perfect, but am a great believer that we should look for improvement rather than perfection, that always leaves us with something to strive for.  I think I can probably pick at least one fault with every garment I have made, some only becoming apparent upon wearing; maybe the fabric choice wasn’t the best, the shape changes or stability is lost; or maybe the fit is incorrect but you only notice in real life situations for example a crotch in a pair of trousers may look and feel great when you try them on and walk up and down in front of a mirror, but too tight when you sit down for a while.

I am also learning more about how to create different effects, like more body to a skirt.  This is something that has been fascinating me lately – interlining, lining, full petticoats, interfacing skirt pieces either fully or partially, crinoline tape, mini-crini and the list goes on!

I hope to add small tutorials as I go along, and I hope some people will find them useful.


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