My Librarian Dress – Butterick 6671


I bought this pattern from e-bay and just love it.  Simple lines with top stitching details and raglan, batwing sleeves that I hoped would emphasise my waist.  I also loved the decorative dart details at the waist, something I had only just learned about and was eager to try.

Library dress copy

I wasn’t sure what fabric to use but felt it would work well with something quite dark and plain, especially as I wanted it as a winter dress.  I settled on some black and grey mottle-patterned cotton. Making the dress was not tricky.  The size worked well even though it was a 36 inch chest and I am a 38 – the shape of the top was very forgiving.  I lengthened the skirt and did take the fullness out of the lower skirt quite a lot as it was A lined but I wanted something a little more sleek and slender.  I do like an A line, but I thought straighter suite me better in this instance.  I basically took it in as far as I could without infringing on my ability to walk in it (I make clothes to wear and walk quite a lot) without the need to add a split.  The only other change I made was that I didn’t include a button at the collar.  When completed, I thought it made it look a bit severe.  So, minimal alterations from the original and I got this little beauty.  I absolutely love it and feel that it is both flattering and comfortable – a winning combination!

2014-03-24 021 amended copy


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