The Bespoke Seamstress


My mum taught me to sew when I was young – I was one of those children who enjoyed arts and crafts.  I enjoyed it and started sewing my own clothes when I was about 11.  I think that this is the first item of clothing made – a very plain, bat-winged, white, v necked blouse:

We would often buy vintage sewing patterns from charity shops as they were delicious and so much cheaper than buying new patterns.  I continued to sew my clothes all through my teens and well into my twenties when a job and a busy social life took over.  My much loved sewing machine became neglected, tucked in a corner to gather dust.

A couple of years ago I thought about making myself a dress.  I had made curtains, cushions etc, but nothing more complex for years.  I was now a full time mother and didn’t have the money to spend on well made clothes. As I had made my own clothes in the past, I hated buying anything that wasn’t exactly perfect for me, and my new ‘mummy-shaped’ figure made it even harder to find clothes that fitted well and flattered me.

I found the wonderful Pattern Review site which shows what real people look like in their hand made clothes.  It was through this site that I started to find sewing blogs and enjoying them.  I love to see other people’s interpretations of patterns and their choices of fabrics and trimmings, not to mention the top tips you can pick up.  There is a nice feeling about the majority of dressmaking blogs I have looked at, just people showing and discussing things that they have enjoyed making/wearing and why.

My hope here is to show others what has been shown to me; a normal person with clothes I have made, my interpretations of patterns and my style.  Even if it only serves to show someone what they don’t like, that will have saved them from potentially spending money and more importantly hours of their time making something that was doomed from the start.  Hopefully someone will like my stuff and be inspired in some way or another, I like that idea a lot.  Just happy to see where this takes me really.

Flower Power dress

Flower Power dress